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Some Housecleaning

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Picking Up Where I Left Off

Sometimes life starts to get in the way of things. It happened to me. I’m no longer consulting in the Puppet space, but am still very much so involved and active in the community. But, as happenstance dictates, we get busy in our daily and things like blogs (that don’t generate revenue) and social media outlets start to take a “second seat” to the rest of work and life.

So, I’m going to reset, and will be cycling back through the previous instructional materials I’ve worked on, and revamp for modern editions my tutorials on PE, Community, Vagrant, etc. I want to stay up with modern versions, and I want to get deeper into PE and the new pe.conf (HOCON format) as well as better orchestration methods within the Vagrant framework for standing up new PE instances for use as a local development workstation (regardless of your platform).

Stick with me. We should have some fun changes here soon with all the new goodies Puppet has brought us over the last couple years.