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Moving My Tech Content to GitHub

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Happy New Year, all!

Well, you may notice a bit of a change in format & layout. I got tired of fighting the foibles of WordPress. Every few weeks, WordPress decided quite on its own it no longer wished to display my blog for what appeared to be no reason at all.

As such, I’ve moved to Octopress, hosted it at GitHub, and am doing a permanent redirect at it from my site until I can work out both Web & Mail while having my MX stay where it is and having my Web address move to GitHub directly.

In the meantime, all tech posts have been duplicated here, and can be found by navigating the menus.


Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see things move around, features being added and removed, themes and plugins changing and/or disappearing as I learn Octopress and figure out all its ins and outs. Please bear with my dist during this time.