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A lot of people (the Office Space guy in particular) say that if they were independently wealthy, they’d do “nothing”.

I don’t buy it.

I’ve been out of work for 21 days, and I’m about to lose my freaking mind!!

Nothing to do all day… I’ve cleaned the house too many times to mention, and can’t even begin to talk about all the modifications I’ve done with this very website right here.

I’m still working on my book for No Starch Press, but I’m not sure when my proposal manuscript will be done. They want pretty much the entire book in outline format before you would actually write the thing. (like writing the thing twice).

I’ve been told by my buddy Dustin that it is difficult, and I didn’t beleive him…oops.

Looking forward to working again, but not looking forward to third shift. Yikes. I hope I can get my schedule turned around in such a way that I can give enough time to my family. 4x10 schedule is nice, but not if you lose your family in the process.